Progressive Lenses

We offer lenses that are state of the art for progressive design. Until now, progressive lenses have been designed to provide the same visual solution no matter what your Visual Age™; however, research has shown that your visual behavior changes in correlation with your Visual Age. Visual Age refers to the physiological age of the eye (the required reading power) and is generally correlated with your chronological age.

Harnessing today's cutting-edge technologies, Shamir Autograph Intelligence™ is the first progressive lens to integrate patient experience, daily visual behaviors and elements of artificial intelligence, to take into account the diversity of your daily visual needs.

Shamir Autograph Intelligence provides you with a solution that is unique, and optimally suited to your visual behavior and Visual Age.

Shamir Autograph Intelligence Lenses

Be the first to wear today’s most advanced no-line progressive lenses. Shamir Autograph Intelligence is a new way to experience vision. It is the first no-line Progressive lens fully designed based on consumer research, Big Data, & Artificial Intelligence. It is time the technology in your glasses caught up with that in your smartphone. These lenses are the most intelligent no-line progressive lenses for your day-to-day vision. It's time to take your glasses to the next level. Learn more in the videos below!